Clean-Steel, a benefit for both Earth and Mars

Mars Chair by Rif Miles Olsen, a chair that can be made on Mars entirely out of steel produced from regolith ore with zero CO2 emissions.

Two Planet Steel is starting to make special steel, called clean-steel.

Clean-steel is made using renewable energy with zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Clean-steel can do away with the huge CO2 emissions of current blast furnaces (in 2015, blast furnaces emitted 2.0 billion tonnes of CO2 — 6% of the global total).

Two Planet Steel's first clean-steel production on Earth will be done using the steel-making equipment and methods it is developing for NASA to make steel on Mars.

This early production on Earth will make copies of well-designed clean-steel equipment that can be made on Mars for the first human habitat there. Of course, you will be able to buy these clean-steel products for your home here on Earth.

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