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August 8, 2016 Speedster grazes around the Sun at 1,300,000 mph !!!
Rocket reusability, a big-leap or a modest step-up?
Jupiter's aurora, Planet Stamps

July 6, 2016Steel Seeds Plan for Human Settlement of Mars,
Seasonal Mars Lanscape, NASA's Juno goes to Jupiter,
Thar's Rust in Them Thar Dunes?

June 8, 2016Musk Targets 2025 for Humans on Mars, Falcon 9 Booster Landing,
Curiosity and the First Mars Weatherman

May 23, 2016   Hubble's Mars Close-Up + Extreme Weather, Food for Mars,
Zubrin Speech, Mercury Transits the Sun

May 9, 2016Dragon to Mars in 2018, Facebook Page,
Buzz Aldrin's "Moon Scoops"

The Two Planet Post is published to point you to notable Mars and Earth happenings.