Art & Design Collaboration for Clean-Steel

Mars Chair by Rif Miles Olsen, a chair that can be made on Mars entirely out of steel produced from regolith ore with zero CO2 emissions.

Two Planet Steel is starting to make special steel, called clean-steel.

       Clean-steel is made using renewable energy with zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Two Planet Steel wants to collaborate with a few artists and designers to promote clean-steel.

Two Planet Steel wants to start a transition from old steel, made using blast furnaces, to clean-steel. This transition is something which can be done. Indeed, the start of this transition can be achieved by a handful of people.

Transitioning from blast furnace iron ore smelting would be a huge benefit. Blast furnaces are used for iron ore smelting in most worldwide steel-making. In 2015 blast furnaces emitted about 2.0 billion tonnes of fossil fuel sourced CO2 into Earth's atmosphere. That is 6% of all the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by all fossil fuel and forest burning done everywhere on the planet in 2015. Globally, blast furnace iron ore smelting is at the top of the list of fossil fuel CO2 emitters along with burning fossil fuel for transportation, burning coal and natural gas for electricity production and cement production.

Two Planet Steel wants to make works of art and design in clean-steel and sell these works directly to people who want beautiful objects in their homes that are made from environmentally sustainable materials.

To begin with, clean-steel works of art and design will be pricey and valuable. They will be valuable for two reasons: the high artistic value of the works and the high value of clean-steel for positive global change. The high prices paid by early, seed buyers will generate large profits for each individual piece. These profits will be reinvested to bring down clean-steel production costs, with a minor part paid out in generous royalty payments to the collaborating artists and designers.

It is vital for Earth's atmosphere and climate that clean-steel quickly take market share away from steel made using blast furnace iron ore smelting.

The early contribution of the chosen artists and designers to this effort will be to provide the high artistic value of new clean-steel works that will promote and quicken early, pricey sales of these works. As such, these chosen artists and designers will be playing a big role in starting a cycle of positive change.

Early sales of clean-steel works will both demonstrate market interest in clean-steel and provide money to reinvest to bring down clean-steel production costs. Each lowering of production costs will enable the expansion of the use of clean-steel to more price sensitive (larger volume) products and will enable the transition from blast furnace smelting to clean-steel. Each lowering of production costs and demonstration of market sales will also attract more loan and investment money that will enable financing of construction of more plant for zero CO2 emission steel-making. New clean-steel plant construction will, in turn, both create more jobs in new, clean-steel-making and magnify the benefits of zero CO2 emission steel-making for all life on the planet.

People or organizations interested in an art or design collaboration with Two Planet Steel should contact us via email ( Two Planet Steel will answer sensible preliminary questions. After any of those, Two Plant Steel will want to see photographs, renderings, computer renderings or drawings of 1-4 examples of your work. Such portfolio presentations do not have to include works you think are suitable for Two Planet Steel to manufacture in clean-steel. However, for Two Planet Steel to become interested in you, these presentations will need to give Two Planet Steel strong indications you are capable of providing art or design works of high quality that we could profitably manufacture in new clean-steel.

The artworks and designs should be capable of being made entirely (or almost entirely) out of steel. Works of art that have planetary themes will be looked on favorably by Two Planet Steel, so long as all other artistic and design aspects have been excellently resolved. An example of such a design is the Mars Chair (illustrated above) designed by Two Planet Steel's founder Rif Miles Olsen. One day Two Planet Steel would like to make this chair on Mars itself.

At this moment Two Planet Steel is interested in entering into art and design collaborations with only a small number of people or organizations. Two Planet Steel will be choosy. Just presenting some portfolio examples to us is not sufficient on its own for Two Planet Steel to become interested in collaboration. A high-quality portfolio is needed that provides examples that indicate artworks or designs could be made in clean-steel. Also, this call/offer to enter into collaborations will not be open indefinitely, it will end and possibly quite soon. Bare in mind that Two Planet Steel is (a) looking to make things in clean-steel and (b) we have to make these things using normal techniques (such as casting) such that a profit can be made from sales of your steel artwork or design.

If you are worried about us (Two Planet Steel) stealing your ideas do not worry. Two Planet Steel is willing to sign any reasonable non-disclosure agreement or similar agreement that offers you protection from us attempting to use your ideas, designs or works of art without your consent. We will also provide you, on request, with an example of a non-disclosure agreement which you could use to help you draft such an agreement. Two Planet Steel will accommodate all reasonable concerns you have along these lines. Also, the first portfolio examples shown to us only have to display a high level of artistic and/or design talent for Two Planet Steel to become at least interested enough to talk with you further (that is, it is not absolutely necessary to immediately show us examples of work that could be made in clean-steel).

Two Planet Steel looks forward to seeing some super works of art or design. Perhaps we can make a few of them.

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